Mr. Air Regulator with Stand PS253

Mr. Hobby
$32.99 CAD


Mr. Air Regulator MK I

Basic air regulator

Air outlet PS (thin) x 2 places

One PS (fine) hose for connecting

By connecting between the compressor and the airbrush, the regulator plays the role of "decompression" "draining" "branching". 

Air pressure generated by "decompression" compressor as it is, it may be too strong at the time of spraying. By reducing the pressure with a regulator, it can be adjusted to the air pressure suitable for the painting situation. 

"Draining" Moisture is generated when the compressor compresses the air. It accumulates and becomes a waterdrop branch, and it may squirted from the airbrush with compressed air. The regulator has the effect of dropping moisture to the bottle in the middle so as not to go first. * It is not possible to completely remove moisture with only the regulator, so we recommend using a hand grip type drain and dust catcher together. 

There are two "branch" air outlets so you can connect two airbrushes.


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