HGBC #041 Machine Rider

$19.99 CAD


This versatile vehicle can be ridden by many different Gundam, and can transform between motorcycle form and mecha form. How your Gundam make use of the Machine Rider is up to you! The Machine Rider also comes with three different parts for the cowl of the motorcycle, so you can select the appearance that best suits your ideas! 




Motorcycle body (1)

Front cowl parts (3)

Display base (1)

Instruction manual (1)


A Versatile Vehicle That Can Ride Various Kinds Of Gundam Machines Appears In The Build Custom Series! 

■ Build Custom That Transforms Into Motorcycle Form And Ride Mecha Form. Different Types Of Gundamens Can Be Loaded Depending On Ideas. 

■ Front Cowl Part Comes With 3 Patterns . 



■ Motorcycle body × 1 

■ Front cowl parts × 3 

■ Display base x 1 



■ Sprue x 7 

■ Instruction manual x 1


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