Chopper Robo TV Animation 20th Anniversary One Piece Stampede Color Ver. Set

$69.99 CAD



Chopper Robo makes his grand re-entrance for the release of the film "One Piece Stampede"! 


This special set features Chopper Robo No.1 through No.5, and has been recreated in a new color scheme for the movie. And of course, with all your kits complete, you can combine them together to make the Giant Chopper Robo! The kit is easy to assemble, and parts can be removed from the runners without the use of nippers. A special stand is also included for the Giant Chopper Robo. Order today!




Foil sticker sheet

Stand for Giant Chopper Robo

Movie version "ONE PIECE STAMPEDE" public commemoration! Chopper Robo comes in 5 sets, special color Ver. 

■ Chopper Robo 1 to 5 are included! 

■ We can enjoy combination variation from 2 to 5 bodies! 

■ Let's complete the giant chopper Robo by uniting 5 bodies! 

■ Easy assembly with touch gates that do not require nippers. 

■ Stand part for giant chopper Robo is attached. 



■ Stand parts for Giant Chopper Robot x 1 


[Product details]

■ Molded parts x 14 

■ Foil seal x 5 

■ Manual x 1

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