FR - Kamen Rider Double Heatmetal

$47.99 CAD



Double Heatmetal from "Kamen Rider W" gets a Figure-rise Standard model kit from Bandai! He's fully posable upon completion, and is constructed to accurately depict his two united halves. He comes with his Metal Shaft weapon! Order yours today!


[Includes]: Metal Shaft, Metal Shaft (stored form), Heat Memory, Metal Memory, interchangeable hands, display base


From "Masked Rider W", "heat metal" is lineup in figure-rise standard! 

■ We adopt block structure of each part to reproduce half that is the biggest feature. Achieves various poses and variations without losing the range of motion. 

■ We come with "metal shaft" which is exclusive weapon and hand parts. 



■ Metal shaft × 1 

■ Metal shaft (when stored) × 1 

■ Heat memory × 1 

■ Metal memory × 1 

■1 hand for each grip ■ 1 hand for each 

flat ■ 1 hand for each 


■1 hand for weapon holding ■ decisive hand1 Left x 1 

■ Display base x 1


[Product details]

■ Molded parts x 6

■ Foil seal x 1 



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