HGAC #228 XXXG-01SR Gundam Sandrock 1/144

$24.99 CAD



From "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing" comes Quatre Raberba Winner's Gundam Sandrock in HG form! This HG combines top-notch proportions with the ability to recreate poses from the anime! Both arms can extend to the back to withdraw the heat shotels, giving you plenty of possibilities for battle-action poses. The hands are crafted to hold the heat shotels at an angle, too.


What's more, this kit focuses on ease of building. You'll be able to achieve the basic body color simply by building the kit out of box, thanks to generous part separation.


This is the first production version of this kit, and it comes with a smartphone app code. 



Heat shotel x2

Shield x1

Backpack x1

Foil sticker sheet x1

Instruction manual


From "New Mobile Suit Gundam W", "Kator ・ Rababa Winner" boarding machine, Gundam Sandlock, appeared in HG! 

■ Both the reproduction of the best proportion and the pose in the play! 

■ Both arms reach to the back, and the action which pulls out the Heat Shotel from the back is possible. 

■ The wrist is structured to be held at an angle to the Heat-Shatel. 

■ Pursuing ease of assembly. The division of parts that can reproduce the body color just by calculating the joint structure and assembling is given everywhere. 

■ First production limited! Includes product code for smartphone apps! 



■ Heat Shotel × 2 

■ Shield × 1

■ Backpack × 1 



■ Molded Part × 8 

■ Foil Seal × 1

■ Manual × 1

■ Bundled Flyer (Product Code) × 1

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