HG Gaz-R / L AMX-117R/L 1/144

$129.99 CAD


-Don't look at the royal guard sweetly!

AMX-117R Gaz R


Appears in 2 sets!


From `` Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ '', belonging to Neo Zeon military guard `` Royal Guard '',

Gaz R and Gaz Kaoru appear in the HG series in two sets!

Each characteristic aircraft is reproduced with new molding parts, molding colors, and water transfer type decals with engraving details!

● Reproduce characteristic silhouettes and armaments with new modeling!

  MS body and armaments such as head antenna and feet are reproduced with new modeling.

・ Shoulder, arm

   Shoulder shoulder armor, new shape of the arm shape.

   Reproduce the silhouette of Gaz R and L2 aircraft that are symmetrical and impressive.


   Newly shaped backpack. Reproduce the equipment of the hyper beam saber as set in the play.

   In addition, Beam Naginata effect parts are included and can be attached to the Hyper Beam Saber pattern.

  ・ Heat lance

   The characteristic “Royal Guard” main armor heat lance is included in the new model.

● Thorough reproduction of aircraft color and armor engraving with molding color and water transfer decals!

  Reproduce the unique body color and decoration of the “Royal Guard” in the play with molded colors and a luxurious water transfer decal.

  ・ Aircraft color

   The silver exterior is recreated with a profound metallic molding color.

  ・ Water transfer decal

   Reproduce the engraving that extends from the MS body to the armed with a high-quality water transfer decal,

   Produce a noble and exemplary decoration of "Royal Guard".

● A variety of action poses can be realized by using specially shaped hand parts!

  Includes hyper beam saber hand parts. Combined with the movable range of the latest HG of the main body

  It is possible to take action poses unique to aircraft specializing in melee battles.


Attached armed: Heat Lance / Beam Rifle / Hyper Beam Saber (Beam Naginata) / Beam Saber



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