HG Great Mazinger (Mazinger Z Infinity Ver.)




The Great Mazinger, which appeared in "The Movie Mazinger Z / INFINITY" published in 2018, became three-dimensional on 1/144 scale. The total height is about 185 mm. 

■ Mechanical Designer Mr. Yanase Yasuyuki fully comprehensively reproduces thoroughly the proportions and characteristic details in the play with completely new modeling. 

■ Equipped with joint parts made of KPS material that makes it possible to reproduce the intense action scenes in the play. 

■ It is possible to reproduce the scene in the movie without changing the image of the movie with abundant optional parts such as "Right hand for Thunder Break" and "Double Mazinger Blade". 

■ It is possible to reproduce the flight scene with the attached scramble dash and display base. 



■ Scramble Dash × 1 

■ Mazinger Blade × 2 

■ Hand Parts × 6 (Thunder Break Reproduction Hand Right · Handshake Hand Right · Weapon Handle Left Hand · Grip Hand Right Right) 

■ Display Base × 1 


【Product Content】

■ Molding Item × 13 

■ Seal × 1 

■ Instruction Manual × 1

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