HG RGM-89D-ESC Jegan Type-D (Escort Type) 1/144

$72.99 CAD


Gen D type launch-

From "Mobile Suit Gundam NT", Jeghan whose aircraft has been customized to special service specifications such as the escort mission appears in the HGUC series!

We reproduce characteristic shape and chest increase armor different from "echoes unit specifications", armed 90mm short machine gun with new modeling parts.

The machine color based on military brown is a molded color and faithfully reproduces the setting image. 

● Completely reproduce the Jegan D type (ESD specification) with new molding parts and molding colors!

  Jegan D type (Escort unit specification) head, chest increase armor, dedicated arming with three-dimensional model parts.

  The military brown-based aircraft color is faithfully reproduced in the molded color.

  ・ Head / chest increase armor

  A new head that reproduces a special head that has been changed to a helmet-like shape and a chest increase armor with a styling different from the Echoes specifications.

  Head sensor collar comes with a foil seal for reproduction.

  ・ 90mm short machine gun

  Standard equipment of Jegan D type (ESD specification), 90mm short machine gun is reproduced with new parts.

● Possibility of dynamic feeling is possible by wide movable range

Armament: 90mm short machine gun / beam rifle / beam saber / shield

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