HG RX-124 Gundam TR-6 [Hazel II] 1/144

$99.99 CAD


Black TR-6 [Hazel II] appearance-

RX-124 TR-6 [Hazel II]

From "ADVANCE OF Z-Under the banner of Titans-"

The TR-6 [Hazel II], which is a variation of the Gundam TR-6 [Wornwoat], has appeared in the high grade series.

Reproduce the unique airframe specifications with new molding parts and molding colors of Titans color!

● Reproduce the aircraft shape of [Hazel II] with new modeling and additional parts!

  Beam rifle, rear armor (boost pod), arm reinforcement parts (shield), etc. are three-dimensionalized by new modeling.

  Two composite shield boosters can be equipped.

  Beam rifle

  The shape of the characteristic beam rifle of [Hazel II] is three-dimensionalized by new modeling.

  Rear Armor (Boost Pod) & Arm Strengthening Parts (Shield)

  Reproduce the rear armor, arm reinforcement parts in new modeling respectively.

  Composite shield booster

  Two sets are attached. Reproduce the change to claw mode.

● Reproduce the transformation to mobile armor

  Reproduce the transformation of the unique silhouette of the mobile armor in parts replacement.

  Beam rifle can be suspended at the sub arm part.

  In addition, the mega particle gun part at the time of mobile armor is equipped with the opening and closing mechanism.

Armored: Composite Shield Booster / Beam Rifle / Arm Reinforcement Parts (Shield)


Accessories: Display stand

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