HGUC FD-03 Gustav Karl (Gihren's Greed Ver.) 1/144

$89.99 CAD


Inheriting the lineage of RGM

Blue heavy armor ―


Gustav Carl, who inherited the RGM genealogy, appeared on HG with the specifications when the game "Mobile Suit Gundam Girren's Ambition" appeared!

Based on Unicorn Ver., The characteristic head and shoulders are reproduced with new modeling!

-Reproduce the characteristic aircraft color of Gustav Carl (Gillen's Ambition Ver.) In molded colors!

  The base color such as blue, which is the base, is three-dimensionalized with a color scheme close to the image when the game appeared.

-Reproduce the head of the commander aircraft specification, flexible shield connection base with new modeling!

  The head is three-dimensional with a commander aircraft specification, and a flexible shield with a different connection base from Unicorn Ver. Is reproduced.


  Equipped with the characteristic asymmetrical V-shaped antenna of the commander aircraft, the unicorn which was 2 in the unicorn Ver.

  Flexible shield

  Unicorn Ver. Was connected by the movable arm of the backpack, but it became connected to the left shoulder in this machine.

● Attached armed gimmick to color action pose

  Beam saber

  Two beam sabers are included, and the handle can be stored in the side armor.

  Grenade Launcher

  Arm grenade launcher is equipped with a deployment gimmick. The hatch open state can be reproduced without replacement.


Attached Armed: Beam Rifle / Beam Saber / Grenade Launcher / Flexible Shield

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