HGUC Jesta [Shezzar Type, Team B & C] 1/144

$89.99 CAD


Straight from the awesome film Gundam Narrative, these Jestas carry more equipment, has more tactical'ness on and by far stands out on your shelf! 


Shield squad outbreak

Hunter who aims for "dead bird" -

From "Mobile Suit Gundam NT", Jesta of "Schezar squad B team equipment and C team equipment" appeared in the HGUC series!

Characteristic head sensor, B main team and C group specification main weapons "mega beam launcher & tripod"

"Capture gun" thoroughly reproduced with new modeling!

● Jesta Schezar Corps Specifications B & C Group equipped with aircraft shape equipped with new shaping thoroughly reproduced!

  The head sensor and some leg parts are three-dimensionalized with new parts. Faithfully reproduce the Jesuta of the Schezard team specification.

  Head sensor

  The sensor of the Jesta Schezart team specification (A, B, C group common) is reproduced by new modeling.


  In order to make the sniper system possible, some leg joint parts are reproduced by new modeling. Up range of the legs up.

● "Mega Beam Launcher & Tripod" and "Capture Gun" are reproduced thoroughly with new shaping!

  · Mega · Beam Launcher & Tripod

  The main armament equipped with the Schezar B team. The tripod part of mega beam launcher is reproduced by new modeling.

  Furthermore, in the main body of the Jesta, a wrist part for holding a rifle is reproduced by a new modeling.

  · Capture gun

  The main weapon equipped with the Schezar team specification C group is reproduced by new modeling. By expressive wrist parts, impressive two hands are possible.

● Posing with lively dynamics possible with wide range of motion

Attached armed: hand grenade / beam rifle / beam / saber / mega beam launcher & tripod /

       Capture gun / shield

※ This product comes with "MS main body" 1 body and "B team and C team" armed types.

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