HGUC #225 Silver Bullet Suppressor 1/144

$42.99 CAD



The Silver Bullet Suppressor from "Mobile Suit Gundam NT" gets an HGUC kit release from Bandai! The replacement of its damaged right arm after the Beam Magnum launch can be reproduced, and the right arm parts can be stored in the backpack and retrieved using a lumbar crane. It also has extra hands and a Beam Magnum. Order yours today!




Beam Magnum

Arm parts for right arm replacement (x4)

Foil stickers for markings


Three-dimensional Silva Barreto Suppressor, which appears in Mobile Suit Gundam NT, with HGUC! 

■ Reproduce the gimmick to replace the damaged right arm after the beam · Magnum launch. The right arm parts stored in the backpack can be replaced using a lumbar crane. 

■ The head shape of the Gundam type is also shaped according to the setting image. 

■ In addition to hand parts, right arm parts for exchange and beam magnum are included. 



■ Beam Magnum × 1 

■ Right arm replacement sub arm × 4 


[Product details] 

■ Molded parts × 14 

■ Foil seal × 1 

■ Manual × 1

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