HGOG #025 MS-06C/R6 Zaku II Type 1/144

$29.99 CAD


Bandai's newest HG kit is the Zaku II Type C6/R6 from "Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin"! The shape of the Zaku II C6 type's chest is altered from that of the regular C type and reinforced. It comes with markings so you can recreate the suit's appearance when piloted by Denim, Slender, Gene, or Pacheco. Fully posable after assembly, this kit is molded in color so paint isn't necessary, and stickers are included for its markings. Order yours today!




Belt fed machine gun

Bazooka Type A2

Spare magazine for bazooka (x2)

Anti-Ship rifle ASR-78

Heat Hawk (active and stored form)

Right hand for rifle/bazooka

Fist (left and right)

Open left hand

Marking sticker

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