MG Gundam F90 Mission Pack E-Type & S-Type for Gundam F90 1/100

$69.99 CAD


***Gundam F90 Kit Sold Separately***


S type of long-distance support specification,

E type of electronic warfare specifications that took off the veil ― 


Joint to "MG 1/100 Gundam F90" (sold separately), a mission pack that can reproduce the S type of long distance support specification and the E type of electronic warfare specification appears!


* MS body is not included with this product.

* This product and “MG 1/100 Gundam F90” (sold separately / Premium Bandai items) are required to reproduce the photos.

A mission pack developed for Sanyo (S ・ N ・ R ・ I) “Formula Project” prototype MS Gundam F90,

S type and E type appear in master grade with completely new modeling!

<2 types of mission packs can be reproduced! >

● Long-distance support specification S (support) type

  A large volume of long range firearms and a posture stabilization mechanism are three-dimensionalized with new modeling.

  Long-range beam cannon "Mega Beam Cannon"

  The long range beam cannon with the back option has a movable gimmick to the front.

  "4-unit beam cannon" & "2-unit missile pod"

  The combined beam guns for both arms conform to the settings, and the connection to the lumbar energy tank is thoroughly reproduced with lead wires and varnish tubes.

  “Cruising missiles”

  Leg-mounted cruise missiles can be deployed with a gimmick wing and removed from the base.

  Support jack

  The rear waist support jack of the posture stabilization mechanism can be expanded and contracted by replacing parts.

● Electronic warfare E (electronic) type

  Electronic warfare specification equipment newly written by Kunio Okawara. Each characteristic shape is three-dimensionalized with new modeling.


  The back radome can be flexibly moved by connecting arm parts.

  Directional jamming rifle

  The jamming rifle for electronic interference is three-dimensionalized with new modeling.

  Equipment for electronic warfare at the shoulder and back waist

  Additional equipment on the shoulders and back waist is modeled faithfully to the setting image.

  The rear waist equipment can be moved up and down by a gimmick.

● Includes a water transfer decal.

  Includes water transfer decals including original markings.

Set contents: S type equipment set / E type equipment set

※ MS body is not included with this product.


* This product includes only "Mission Pack E Type & S Type".

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