MG RGM-79SC GM Sniper Custom (Tenneth A. Jung's Custom) 1/100

$159.99 CAD


With L-3 Sniper Beam Rifle Earth Federation Army Top Ace 


Jim Sniper Custom boarded by Major Tenes A. Jung is commercialized in master grade!

Reproduce the aircraft color, armament, marking and shape of Tenes machine! 

-Reproduce the characteristic L-3 sniper beam rifle with new modeling!

    The L-3 sniper beam rifle, the characteristic weapon of the Tenes machine, has been reproduced with new details and rich details.

    Long range rifle with a long barrel that boasts a high accuracy.

● Reproduce personal colors and markings!

    Reproduces the coloring of Tenes machine based on dark green with molding color.

    A newly drawn personal mark with a hammerhead shark motif,

    Includes a newly designed water transfer decal that includes various markings.

● Abundant armament that expands the range of posing is included!

Attached Armed: L-3 Sniper Beam Rifle / R-4 Beam Rifle / Dual Beam Gun / Hyper Bazooka

       Beam spray gun / Beam saber / Folding hand gun / Shield    


ACE PILOT LOG Ace Pilot Log [UC]

“Ace pilot” and MS follow the “log” recorded in the history of the universe century!

VOL.05 "Tenez A. Jung" published!


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