MG RGM-79SP GM Sniper II (Lydo Wolf's Ver.) 1/100

$149.99 CAD


------- Dancing black god of death -------



“Dancing Black Grim Reaper” Jim Sniper II operated by Lido Wolf appears in master grade.

Based on MG's latest format, Jim Sniper II, the black Lido Wolf personal color is reproduced with molding colors.


● Reproduce characteristic coloring with molding color

  The characteristic jet black color of Lido Wolf machine is reproduced with molding color.

  Not only exterior parts, but also color coding inside the thruster, etc. are thoroughly reproduced by dividing parts


● Various poses are possible in a wide range of motion.

  With the wide range of movement and the attached hand parts in the latest MG format,

  Powerful poses such as a characteristic sniper pose with a sniper rifle are possible.


● Reproduce various marks with water transfer decals

  The whole body markings, including the Earth Federation Mark, are reproduced with water transfer decals.


Attached armed: 75mm sniper rifle / bullpup machine gun / beam saber / shield     


ACE PILOT LOG Ace Pilot Log [UC]

“Ace pilot” and MS follow the “log” recorded in the history of the universe century!

VOL.13 “Lido Wolf machine” published!


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