MG RMS-179 GM II Semi Striker 1/100



The GM II and semi striker that appeared in "Mobile Suit Gundam UC" are three-dimensional in master grade!

New construction of shoulder augmentation, small forearm left shield and twin beam spear for melee combat.

Perfect reproduction of the distinctive body dessert color with molding color!

● Reproduce the characteristic shoulder augmentation armor, a small shield of the left forearm in a new form!

  Newly created, the reproduction of the shoulder increase armor for the melee battle at Torrington base, the small shield of the left forearm part!

  Distinctive dessert color is also reproduced in molded color.


  Add increased armor to the front and side.

  Left forearm

  Equipped with a small shield outside the left forearm. More suitable for melee combat.

-Reproduce the weapons for the militia, Twin Beam Spear, and Bazooka in a new format!

  The twin beam spear symbolizing the gym II semi striker, and the bazooka are included in the new model.

  Also included is a beam rifle that extends the width of the display.

  Twin beam spear

  Reproduce the twin beam spear symbolizing the gym II semi striker with a new model.

  Built-in variable gimmick at beam base. Fixation of beam blade to vertical and horizontal is possible.


  New model bazooka is included. Both hands can be held by holding the upper grip.

  Beam rifle

  Beam rifle for Jim II is included. The combination of twin beam spears broadens the display scene.

● Water transfer decals are included

  Water transfer decals with numbering etc. included.

Armament: Beam saber / beam rifle / twin beam spear / bazooka

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