MG Shenlong Gundam EW (Liao Ya Unit) 1/100

$189.99 CAD


XXXG-01S Shenlong

Fang dwelling in a lonely dragon-

X X X G-0 1 S

Original armaments appearing in "Gundam W Endless Waltz Glory of the Losers"

Shenlong Gundam EW with "Tauya" is commercialized in the master grade series.

● Thorough reproduction of the original armor “Tatsumi” that appears in “The Glory of the Losers” with new modeling!

  Reproduce the ivory with new modeling. The characteristic body color is reproduced by dividing the molding color and parts.

  In addition, flexible movement is realized by adopting a lead wire in the cable connecting the hook and Shenlong shield.


  The body color is thoroughly reproduced by dividing the molding color and parts.

  Shenlong Shield

  Added some new parts and equipped with a storage gimmick. The cable that connects the hooks can be stored in the shield.

● Reproduce powerful action with cable parts!

  The cable parts use a varnish tube on the surface of the lead wire to reproduce the texture.

  In addition, it can move freely and pose with a sense of presence.

  In addition, by using the attached display stand, you can reproduce the scene of throwing a spear.

● Newly designed water transfer decals included!

  Includes water transfer decals designed by Hajime Katoki.

Attached Armed: Beam Trident / Shenlong Shield / Sayaka / Dragon Hang

Accessories: Display stand


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