MG Unicorn Gundam Perfectibility 1/100

$549.99 CAD


The Gundam Base Tokyo Limited

This is a limited edition Gundam Base Gundam Base for Gunpla fans all over the world. From "Mobile Suit Gundam UC", Perfectibility comes up. 


■ The body part is white, and each psycho-frame part is made of a resin material that emits UV light. 

■ Both unicorn mode and destroy mode can be reproduced by replacing some parts. 

■ In addition to Beam Magnum and Hyper Bazooka, comes with characteristic armaments and expansion units such as Hyper Beam Javelin, Armed Armor BS, VN, XC, DE. 

■ Reproduce the arm that suspends the backpack armed armor DE2 machine with new parts. 

■ Original marking seal is included.


Beam Javelin

Armed Armor DE x 2

Armed Armor XC

Armed Armor VN

Armed Armor BS

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