MG V2 Assault Buster Gundam Ver. Ka 1/100

$279.99 CAD


The best of the world's first mobile sciences

V 2 Assemblies for ATMs, assaults.


Reproduce the V2 Gundam final form with the MG “Ver.Ka” series!

Reproduce the additional arming of the whole body with a new model.

Coloring redesigns the molding color and reproduces a profound feeling of texture.

● Coexistence of gimmick and style. Just <ultimate> V2 Assault Buster Gundam "Ver. Ka"

  Newly shaped additional armament of the "Assault Buster," a form of heavy armed & defensive unity.


  We reproduce large mega beam rifle consisting of barrel unit and control unit by new modeling.

  The barrel part slides, and the grip part, the shooting sensor, and the heat exhaust fin have a deployment gimmick.

・ V.S.B.R

  Reproduce the waistband of both waists with new modeling. The slide gimmick can also reproduce the expanded state.


  We reproduce mega beam shield with new modeling. Three barrier bits can be separated and removed.


  The six missile pods on the waist and legs reproduce the open / close state of the hatch by selecting parts.


  Newly shaped reproduction of the additional armed mega beam cannon and spray beam pod of the back backpack.

● V2 Assault Gundam, V2 Buster Gundam can also be reproduced by recombination

  Because additional arming of the backpack, additional armor of the whole body is removable,

  Assault form of heavy armor reinforcement and Buster form of heavy armament reinforcement can be freely replaced with parts removable.

● Redesigned the coloring of the whole body and reproduce the feeling of profound feeling

  The distinctive yellow and gold parts use matte gold plating.

  Furthermore, the red, blue and white parts are also redesigned to the molding color that evokes the anime of that time.

● Update parts for MS body are included

  In order to hold the abundant equipment group of "Assault Buster", the update part of the internal frame of the new structure and a part exterior is attached.

● "Ver. Ka" marking <water transfer type>

  Mark of new design to enjoy V2 Assault Buster Gundam with "Ver. Ka" is attached with water transfer type decals.

● Full color package

  A full-color package that uses newly drawn illustrations drawn by Mr. Katoki Hajime.

<Set contents>: V2 Gundam Ver. Ka body set / Buster parts set / Assault parts set / body update parts / "Ver.Ka" water transfer decal

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