Patlabor MG AV-98 Ingram Special Set 1/35

$94.99 CAD

With this sharp set from Bandai, you can build your choice of Ingram Unit 1, Unit 2, or Unit 3 (to build all three, you'll need to get three sets), complete with LED police light units for the model's shoulders! The light units have six tiny LEDs on each side and recreate a very realistic rolling light effect--sure to be an attention-getter no matter where you display it!


No matter which Ingram you choose to build, you'll find complete mechanical detailing as expected from a Master Grade kit, with soft PVC coverings for the shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees, as well as incredible cockpit detail that can be seen by lifting up its chest armor. A coin battery (CR2032), not included, is required for the LED patrol lights. The weapons include a hand revolver gun that can be stored in the right leg compartment as seen in the show, a riot gun, a stun stick that can be stored in the left arm-mounted shield, and an activated stun stick. Also included are three standing figures (Clancy Kanuka, Kiichi Goto, and Asuma Shinohara) and three sitting figures (Unit 1 pilot Noa Izumi, Unit 2 pilot Isao Ohta, and Unit 3 pilot Shinobu Nagumo), each molded in white. Highly recommended!

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