Petit'Gguy Chara'Gguy Sarah 1/144

$14.99 CAD


The heroine of "Gundam Build Divers" has been turned into a Petit'gguy Chara'gguy kit! She comes with both the normal bear head, as well as a head featuring Sarah's sweet and gentle smile. There are also back hair parts to make it look even more like Sarah in a Beargguy costume. A puzzle-piece shaped base is included, which you can connect to other Petit'gguy bases. Order today!




Foil sticker sheet

Sarah head

Optional face part

Petit'gguy head

Joint part

Display base


From "Gundam Build Divers", heroine Sarah appeared and appeared! 

■ Face parts are expressions of gentle expression and smile. 

■ The head parts are also replaceable and can reproduce petitegai! 

■ back hair is cute and movable in separate parts! 

■ With a pedestal that can be connected to other characters! 



■ Sarahead × 1 

■ Replacement face parts × 1 ■ Puchigigai 

head × 1 

■ Joint parts × 1 

■ Display pedestal × 1


[Product details]

■ Molded parts × 5

■ Foil seal × 1


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