RG Crossbone Gundam X1 1/144

$39.99 CAD



The Crossbone Gundam gets a new RG kit, as part of the Gundam Evolution Project! It features improved articulation for the RG frame, its dramatically tattered anti-beam cloak, buster gun, beam shield and much more! 




Anti-beam cloak

Beam Zanber

Core Fighter

Buster Gun

Beam Shield

Scissor Anchor  x2

Heat Dagger  x2

Beam saber  x2

Heat Dagger (for feet) x2

Pilot figure


Overwhelming density sense and color-coded reproduction! We pursued precision reproduction of the limit while minimizing series


Comics Crossbone · Gundam X 1 appearing in "Mobile Suit Zetbone Gundam" is three-dimensionalized with RG!

EVOLUTION POINT with "Extreme detail" [ultimate precision reproduction], while minimizing series detail, gimmicks reproduced to the limit within the 1/144 scale! Experience the highest peak "condensation"!


■ New Advanced MS joint allows you to reproduce the deformation and docking of the core fighter as a small MS.

■ The head is reproduced in a detailed parts composition, the shape of the Balkan and Skull, the eye patch (selection formula) etc. are reproduced.

■ Relaxing fin fin of chin Reproduce precisely up to gimmick.

■ Combine the beam number and buster gun into the buster. Color reproduction is reproduced to the limit.

■ Knee Armor's interlocking gimmick is also included while being compact.

■ Characteristic cloaks and effect parts are reproduced with shaping with dynamic feeling.



■ Xan Buster (Beam Numberber / Buster · Gun) × 1 each

■ Brand / marker × 2

■ Heat · Dagger × 2

■ Beam · saber × 2

■ Beam Shield × 1

■ Core fighter × 1

■ ABC Cloak × 1

■ Scissor Anchor × 2

■ Heat · Dagger (soles of the feet) × 2

■ Pilot figure × 1



■ Sprue x 10

■ Realistic decal × 1

■ Instruction manual x 1

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