RG MS-06R-1A Eric Manthfield's Zaku II 1/144

$124.99 CAD


From "Mobile Suit Gundam MSV", Ace pilot of the mainland of Zeon, dedicated Zaku II driving Eric Mansfield

It is commercialized in the RG series in pursuit of unparalleled fine expression and “real” in 1/144.

● Thorough reproduction of Eric Mansfield's dedicated aircraft with new modeling

  The distinctive head blade antenna is reproduced with a new model. The machine color is reproduced in the molding color according to the setting.

  Moreover, the information density of the armor panel is improved by part division peculiar to RG.

  Head blade antenna

  The blade antenna mounted on the characteristic left side of the head is reproduced with a new model.

  Aircraft coloring

  We reproduce white and black which are personal colors of Colonel Eric Mansfield with molding color.

● New design realistic decals included

  It comes with a realistic design decals that includes a unit mark and so on.

● A bold action pose is possible 

  A wide range of movable and bold action poses are possible with the included abundant armament and RG compliant.

Armed with: Giant Buzz / Zaku Bazooka / Zaku Machinegun / Heat Hawk

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