RG Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee Norn [Final Battle Ver.] 1/144

$169.99 CAD


From "Mobile Suit Gundam UC", driven by Lidi Mercenas

The final battle specification of Unicorn Gundam 2 Bancy Norn appeared in real grade.

-Reproduce the final battle specification psycho frame-molded color!

  We reproduce molding color with <clear green> which is luminescent color at the time of the final battle in the play in Banssy Norn's psycho frame.

  To a calm and astringent shine.

● RG (Real Grade) series unique gimmick, armed is included.

  Not to mention the transformation gimmick realized without replacement, it comes with distinctive arming such as revolving launcher.


  Reproduce the transformation from Unicorn mode to Destroy mode without replacing parts.

  Armed armament

  Armed Armor DE brings an extension to the revolving launcher and shield attached to the bottom of the Beam Magnum,

  Equipped with the Armed Armor XC on the back of the aircraft.

● A realistic final decals are included!

  Comes with a realistic decals with markings such as "CAUTION" changed to green.

Armament: Beam Magnum / Revolving Launcher / Armed Armor DE / Armed Armor XC / Beam Saber

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