SDCS Mazinkaiser

$29.99 CAD



A new generation of super-deformed kits is here! The SD Cross Silhouette series allows you to choose between two different inner frames that will change the proportions of your kits. You can choose between the cuter look of the SD (Super Deformed) frame, or the taller and more action-packed look of the CS (Cross Silhouette) frame!

The mighty Mazinkaiser from "Getter Robo" gets his own SD Cross Silhouette kit!  He'll be highly posable on completion, and comes with his Kaiser Scrander, Final Kaiser Blade and Kaiser Pilder too! Only the SD frame is included; the CS frame is sold separately.

[Set Contents]:

Final Kaiser Blade

Kaiser Scrander

Kaiser Pilder

"Mazinkaiser" enters the Highter getrobo SDCS series!

■ In the high head condition, the deadly technique pose is also decided by a wide range of motion!

■ Kaiser Scrander, Final Kaiser Blade, removable Kaiser Pilder are included.



■ Final Kaiser Blade × 1

■ Kaiser Scrander × 1

■ Facial expression hand × 1 set



■ Sprue x 6

■ Sticker x 1

■ Instruction manual x 1

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