SDCS Unicorn Gundam (Destroy Mode)

$16.99 CAD



The SD Gundam Cross Silhouette series allows you to choose between two different inner frames that will change the proportions of your kits. You can choose between the cuter look of the SD (Super Deformed) frame, or the taller and more action-packed look of the CS (Cross Silhouette) frame!


The Cross Silhouette version of the Unicorn Gundam in its Destroy Mode features clear parts for its characteristic psycho frame, and it's armed with its beam magnum, beam saber and shield. You can assemble it with or without pupils in its eyes, too!  This kit comes with the SD frame only; the CS frame is sold separately.  Order yours today!


[Includes]: Beam magnum, beam saber (x2), shield, foil stickers for markings

The Unicorn Gundam focused on "Density, ease of assembly, movement" appeared from SDCS! 

■ Characteristic psycho frame is reproduced by clear parts. High-satisfaction molding that condensed the charm of Unicorn Gundam! 

■ It is possible to select the presence or absence of the pupil by rearranging. 

■ Beam magnum, beam saber, shield are attached. 

■ We can reproduce high head body, high movable form by interlocking with CS frame (sold separately). You can enjoy it with your favorite proportions! 



■ Beam · Magnum × 1

■ Beam · saber × 2

■ Shield × 1


[Product content]

■ Molded parts × 5

■ Foil seal × 1

■ Manual × 1

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