SD Sangoku Liu Bei Unicorn Gundam

$9.99 CAD


After more than 10 years, a new trilogy, birth! 

■ SD Gundam based on "Sangokushi" will also be on the look! 

■ We realize color coding of SD highest ever in SD only by assembling by sticking to evolved proportion and parts division. 

■ Recurring pose by dynamic body and body balance and joint structure of various places! 

■ Gun blade "dragon bullet breaking blade" is transformed into two forms of gun mode and blade mode! 

■ Dragon memory is attached and can equip to gauntlet of left arm. 

■ We recapitulate the form of our special technique "蒼 蒼 形態 で" by collecting the armies of Kanha and Zhang Fei in the gun blade "Ryukan 破". 



■ Dragon bullet breaking blade × 1 

■ Memory × 1 


[Product content] 

■ Molded product × 6 

■ Seal × 1 

■ Manual × 1

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