SD Sangoku Sun Ce Gundam Astray

$12.99 CAD


After more than 10 years, a new Sangokuden is born!

■ SD Gundam based on "Sangokushi" is now available!

■ By adopting the proportions and parts division that has evolved, the highest level of color coding in SD history has been achieved just by assembling.

■ Reproduced poses full of dynamism by renewed head and body balance and joint structures at various locations!

■ We reproduce powerful Gatling gun form by combining with Taishi's weapon (sold separately)!

■ Reproduce the super large sword form by combining with Sunken weapons (sold separately)!

■ It can be transformed into three forms: Gatling Gun, Large Sword, and Tonfa!



■ Torakage (3 forms) x 1

1, Tsubasa (backpack)

2, Fangkage (Tonfa)

3, Large Fangkage (large sword)

■ Memory x1


[Product content]

■ Molded product x6

■ Seal x1

■ Instruction Manual x1


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