SW - Star Destroyer 1/5000

$109.99 CAD



*Regular Version Non-Lighting Model

From the "STAR WARS" classic works, Imperial-class stars and destroyers appear in 1/5000 scale! 


■ We reproduce characteristic form precisely by precise detail and overwhelming mold molding technology only by large kit. Total length about 320mm. 

■ We reproduce command bridge and multistage ship bridge realistically to overwhelming detail in the sense of density. 

■ Simple specification for painting, work. 

■ On the exclusive display base, the same scale "Brocked runner" and "Millennium Falcon" can be displayed. It can produce a huge sense of star destroyer. 



1/5000 blockade runner / Millennium Falcon x 1 each 

■ Dedicated display base x 1 set 


[Product details] 

■ Molded parts x 8 

■ Seals x 1 

■ Manual x 1

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