[Pre-Order] HGUC Narrative Gundam (A-Packs) 1/144



ETA: Jan/Feb 2019


The leading character of "Mobile Suit Gundam NT" MS Narrative Gundam appears as a super-large equipment!

■ Ultra-large armament "A equipment" can be reproduced even in the state of the elementary body.

■ Expansion of the chest Dynamic action is also supported by gimmick.

■ The swing mechanism is adopted as the axis of the hip joint, realizing the wide range movement of the leg.

■ Reproduce propellant tank of large volume.

Reproduce the missile detail in the hatch of the missile pod.

■ Stand supporting large equipment is included.



■ Beam sabel × 2

■ Large Beam saber × 2

■ Display pedestal × 1

■ Stand for cannon × 2



■ Molded item × 30

■ foil seal × 1

■ Instruction manual x 1


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