[Pre-Order] 2nd Production - MG Gundam Avalanche Exia 1/100



ETA: Aug/Sep 2019



The special equipment type of Gundam Exia appearing in "Mobile Suit Gundam 00V Senki"

Three-dimensional Gundam Ava Runch Exia dash in master grade!

Avalanche unit, dash unit are reproduced thoroughly with new modeling together!

● Thorough reproduction of additional equipment of the whole body with new modeling!

   High maneuverable equipment Ava Ranch Unit and Dash Unit are completely three-dimensionalized with new shaping.

   Deformation to high-speed movement mode, opening and closing GN claw of dash unit,

   The gimmick that conforms to the setting is reproduced limitlessly.

   · Ava Ranch Unit 

    On the back of the Ava Ranch unit you can equip various Arcs of Exia.

   · Shoulder

    The arm unit expands each part, reproduces the forward and backward movement of the shoulder vernier and the deformation to the high-speed movement mode.

   · Dash unit

    By deploying the dash unit of the leg to the rear, it is possible to switch to high mobility mode,

    Reproduce deformation to high-speed movement mode by deploying forward.

    GN claw at the tip of the dash unit can be opened and closed.

    Furthermore, fighting action can be reproduced by wearing a beam blade.

● By selecting leg parts, reproduce Gundam Ava Ranch Exia!

  It is also possible to assemble Gundam Ava Ranch Exia by the attached special parts.

● Numerous armed weapons included!

  Basic armed gundam exia typified by GN sword is included.

 In addition to Exxa's alias "Seven Sword" street, GN Long Blade, GN Short Blade,

  A total of seven swords are included.

  With a new exclusive joint, you can attach a shield to the waist.

- A dedicated pedestal that imaged GN particles is included!

- New water transfer type decal is attached!

  A new water transfer type decal is attached that newly marked the marking of MG Gundam Avalanche Exia Dash.

- New hologram parts are included!

Attached armed: GN sword modification / GN long braid / GN short blade / GN beam dagger × 2

       GN beam sabel × 2 / shield

Attachment: dedicated pedestal

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