[Pre-Order] 30MM eEMX-17 ALTO {Flight Type) [Navy]

$26.99 CAD $29.99 CAD


ETA: Jan/Feb 2019

Reg: $29.99


From the

BANDAI SPIRITS original robot plastic model series `` 30 MINUTES MISSIONS '' with a simple structure and easy to assemble, you can create your own mass production machine with unlimited customization ! Specifications) ”appeared on 1/144 scale!

■ Equipped with various movable gimmicks on the wings! The range of customization is further expanded with parts that are finely divided, and can also be installed in Porta Nova!

■ Cannon can be installed in the backpack can be used as a rifle!

■ Comes with a navy multi booster unit that matches the body color.



■ Cannon x2

■ Multi Booster Unit

■ Flight Pack x1

■ Marking Sticker x1

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