[Pre-Order] 30MM eEXM-17 Alto [Green]

$17.99 CAD $19.99 CAD


ETA: Dec 2019 / Jan 2020


Go beyond the limits of mass production machines with customization! 

From the “30 MINUTES MISSIONS” with the simple structure BANDAI SPIRITS original robot plastic model series that is easy to assemble, “eEXM-17 Alto [Green]” has appeared in 1/144 scale. 

■ As assembly is easy, we can make a lot! I want to collect a lot! 

■ Deploy multiple color variations in the same aircraft. You can enjoy your favorite coloring without painting. 

■ We adopt joint structure common to series. It is possible to recombine units and replace parts even with different aircraft. 

■ Various customization is possible by hard point of 3mm hole provided in each place. 

■ Various armaments such as sub machine guns are included. 



■ Sub-machine gun × 1 

■ Icon mechanism × 1 

■ Backpack × 1 

■ Knuckle × 1 


[Product contents] 

■ Molded articles × 4 

■ Marking seal × 1


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