[Pre-Order] FR - Omegamon (Amplified)

$59.99 CAD $64.99 CAD


ETA: Dec 2019 / Jan 2020


Reg: 64.99

Omegamon appeared in AMPLIFIED figure-rise Standard from "Degimon Adventure"!

■ The first of the AMPLIFIED series, which has made the character's attraction "amplified" under the original respect of the original! 

■ We reproduce color scheme of each part with molding color. We adopt gross injection for white parts.

Each part is sharpened to make the appeal of Omegamon stand out further.

■ 3 mm hole for expansion of the waist further amplitudes as a plastic model (AMPLIFIED).



■ Gallul Cannon × 1

■ Gray Sword × 1

■ Joint parts for action base × 1


[Product details]

■ Molded items × 11

■ Foil seal × 1


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