[Pre-Order] HGAC Gundam Sandrock 1/144

$19.99 CAD $24.99 CAD


ETA: Nov/Dec 2019


From "New Mobile Suit Gundam W", "Kator ・ Rababa Winner" boarding machine, Gundam Sandlock, appeared in HG! 

■ Both the reproduction of the best proportion and the pose in the play! 

■ Both arms reach to the back, and the action which pulls out the Heat Shotel from the back is possible. 

■ The wrist is structured to be held at an angle to the Heat-Shatel. 

■ Pursuing ease of assembly. The division of parts that can reproduce the body color just by calculating the joint structure and assembling is given everywhere. 

■ First production limited! Includes product code for smartphone apps! 



■ Heat Shotel × 2 

■ Shield × 1

■ Backpack × 1 



■ Molded Part × 8 

■ Foil Seal × 1

■ Manual × 1

■ Bundled Flyer (Product Code) × 1

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