[Pre-Order] HGUC Narrative Gundam (C-Packs) 1/144



ETA: Apr/May 2019



Reproduce the third equipment of Narrative Gundam that appears in "Mobile Suit Gundam NT"! 

■ Only the initial production, enclose a special booklet looking back at "Mobile Suit Gundam NT"! 

■ C equipment of narrative Gundam is reproduced by new model parts. 
■ Reproduce the color coding of the core fighter and legs of the abdomen by part division. It wears a design that recalls Unicorn Gundam in its entire body. 
■ Be equipped with C equipment for the first time Beam rifle, set with psycho frame attached shield. In addition to the left and right grip hands, right hand parts for holding weapons are also included. 
■ When fighting in a colony, a seal that reproduces the red twin eyes in NT - D activation state is attached. 

■ Beam · Rifle × 1 
■ Shield × 1 
■ Beam · Saber × 2 

【Product Details】
■ Molded Item × 11 
■ Foil Seal × 1 
■ Instruction Manual × 1

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