[Pre-Order] HGUC Silver Bullet Supressor 1/144

$38.99 $42.99


ETA: Jul/Aug 2019


Three-dimensional Silva Barreto Suppressor, which appears in Mobile Suit Gundam NT, with HGUC! 

■ Reproduce the gimmick to replace the damaged right arm after the beam · Magnum launch. The right arm parts stored in the backpack can be replaced using a lumbar crane. 

■ The head shape of the Gundam type is also shaped according to the setting image. 

■ In addition to hand parts, right arm parts for exchange and beam magnum are included. 



■ Beam Magnum × 1 

■ Right arm replacement sub arm × 4 


[Product details] 

■ Molded parts × 14 

■ Foil seal × 1 

■ Manual × 1

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