[Pre-Order] High-Resolution Model God Gundam 1/100

$189.99 CAD $204.99 CAD


ETA: Dec 2019 / Jan 2020


Reg: $204.99

From "Mobile Fighter G Gundam", high-resolution God Gundam is lineup in high resolution model series! We realize movement of the highest peak in the series by adopting special battle type frame! 

■ We use painted frame with solid feeling using die cast. 

■ The frame specialized for fighting battle has evolved further, and elbows, knees, and shoulders are equipped with a sliding slide gimmick when moving. 

■ Abdominal structure that enables forward bending moves like muscles and can perform bold kicking action. 

■ We secure movable range by connecting side armor to back armor. Dynamic poses can be taken. 

■ Toe parts move, and the ground contact improves. Give rubber parts to the soles and improve grip. 

■ The thumb of the hand can be richly expressed by the movement of joints in three places. 

■ The sun effect is expressed with a PET seal, and can reproduce the hyper mode that releases the chest and shoulders. 

■ We adopt jewel seal in chest energy multiplier. 

■ Hand parts can be replaced with a hand. 

■ Clear orange parts for god finger are also included. 



■ Completed product frame 

■ Jewel seal × 1

■ Rubber sheet × 1 

■ PET sheet × 1 


[Product contents] 

■ Molded products × 10 

■ Tetron seal × 1 

■ Manual × 1


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