[Pre-Order] Keitora Busou (1 Random pc)

$12.99 CAD


ETA: Aug/Sep 2019



Not to let the Neko Busou cats steal all the attention, now the trucks have banded together and created Keitora Busou -- trucks with interchangeable armor and weapons! This "Keitora" (grass tiger) truck is extremely versatile with its wide range of weapons and accessories, can be painted and customized as you like, and it would even love to play with your Neko Busou cats! 


There are 4 different trucks in this set:

Set A: a white truck with a tractor mechanism, which can be adapted into Light Tiger Robo form or Light Tiger Formula form.

Set B: a green truck with a large R/C-style helicopter mecha, and two parts to spray pesticides! It can be remodelled into an amphibious form and a multi-legged form.

Set C: a blue truck equipped with parts to modify it into a rescue vehicle, with augers and cutting parts.

Set D: a black truck with a small hydraulic excavator mechanism, which can be converted to a quadrupedal form equipped with a scooping bucket. 


Each set also includes a parts separator, so you can easily take your creations apart and put them back together in new configurations!

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