[Pre-Order] MG Blast Impulse Gundam (Feb 2020)

$149.99 CAD


*The pre-order price is an estimate for the kit. If additional fees or customs occur which increases the price, customer has the option to pay the difference or receive full credit back to be used for something else*


Estimated Arrival: Feb / Mar 2020

Estimated Pre-Order Price: $149.99




Blast impulse,

Sort out with MG! !


From "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY", the blast impulse gundam for bombardment warfare appears in master grade.

"Blast silhouette" with various gimmicks is reproduced with new modeling.

● Reproduce the blast silhouette with completely new modeling

  Three-dimensional artillery unit “Blast Silhouette” with the latest MG-compliant high-density details.

  Front deployment of Kerberos high energy long range beam cannon and movable Deluge ultra-high initial speed rail cannon. Equipped with gimmicks in various places such as opening and closing the beam javelin storage rack.

  Deluge super high speed rail cannon

  Various poses are possible with the deployment of the rail cannon and the left and right movable gimmicks!

  Reproducible hover movement

  The thruster part is movable and can reproduce the hover movement form in the play.

● Body coloring

  The Impulse Gundam body reproduces the VPS armor color based on the collar when equipped with a blast silhouette in molded colors. Realization of color division in each part by fine parts division.

● Dedicated beam javelin is reproduced with new modeling

  Defiant beam javelin mounted on the blast silhouette is reproduced with new modeling.

● Includes water transfer decals including zaft mark.

Attached armed: Blast silhouette / Defiant beam javelin / Beam rifle / Shield

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