[Pre-Order] MG FAZZ Ver. Ka 1/100

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Estimated Arrival: Mar/Apr 2020

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The FAZZ from "Gundam Sentinel" gets a Master Grade kit from Bandai! Its weapons and additional armor were interpreted by Hajime Katoki. The forearms are capable of a rolling motion, so the new armor will not interfere with the action of raising the robot's arms. The leg armor has been similarly designed to move easily with the leg's motions. Missile pods are included, and the hatch can be opened and closed as well. Decals are also provided, as are foil stickers. Order yours today!


[Includes]: Double beam rifle, Hyper Mega Cannon, waterslide decals, foil stickers


From "Gundam Sentinel", FAZZ is three-dimensional with MG Ver.Ka!

■ Under the supervision of Mr. Hajime Katoki, armament and additional armor are composed with new interpretations. Pursuing proportions that do not become dull while maintaining a profound feeling.

■ We adopt roll movement to forearm and realize wide movement. When the arm is raised horizontally, it is structured to move in conjunction so that the additional armor does not interfere.

■ When raising the leg, secure the range of motion by deploying the additional armor of the front armor upward.

■ Missile pods loaded in various places are reproduced with interpretation unique to Ver.Ka. You can also open and close the hatch manually and enjoy the built-in missile display.

■ Ver.Ka decals including numbering of different chests are included. The FAZZ platoon in the work can be reproduced.



■ Double Beam rifle × 1

■ Hyper Mega Canon × 1

■ Water transfer decal x 1


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