[Pre-Order] Petitrits Shielder Mash Kyrielight (Fate/Grand Order)

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ETA: Dec 2019/ Jan 2020


Shielder-class Servant Mash Kyrielight from "Fate/Grand Order" joins Bandai's new Petitrits line of figure kits!


This easy-to-build kit captures all of Shielder's characteristic traits, and features a posable upper body so you can control the position of her arms. The base is unique to Shielder, and she comes with her signature weapon to pose with. Order today, and create your own chibi "Fate/Grand Order" figure!






Kainasu sticker sheet

Foil sticker sheet



Spicy size put in Petit size! New brand "Plitch" birth! ! 

From the RPG "Fate / Grand Order" for smartphones, a line-up of Mash Kyrielight! ! 

■ Deforms into three bodies without breaking the impression, leaving the character's characteristics intact. 

■ We produce posing with a feeling of movement by movement of the upper body! 

■ While feeling the size of the "treasure" to reproduce the details! 

■ Effect pedestal which imaged character, shield is attached. 

■ Easy to enjoy even beginners with a simple parts configuration! 

■ Assembly assembling is easy by snap fitting method without adhesive. 

■ Sprue It is color-coded and the completion is colorful without painting! If you put a dedicated seal further quality up! 



■ Shield × 1 

■ pedestal × 1 


[Item content] 

■ Sprue × 2 

■ Kinasu seal × 1 

■ foil sticker × 1 


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