[Pre-Order] PG Perfect Strike Gundam 1/60

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Estimated Arrival: Mar/Apr 2020

Reg: $399.99



*PG Strike is updated*

Bandai's Perfect Grade Strike Gundam has been renewed to the very latest format! Features new modeling added to various armor parts, including the head; the internal frame is now gunmetal in color, and the plated parts are chrome -- other armor parts are also issued in a different, more intense finish to give the assembled kit a fantastic impression! Yellow LED parts are also included. Order yours now!




LED parts (yellow)

Strike armor parts 

Yale striker pack

Sword striker pack

Launcher striker pack

Tetron seals


From "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED", PG Strike Gundam has been renewed to the latest format!

■ New modeling added to various parts of the armor, including the head. To a more sophisticated strike Gundam.

■ Gun metal is used for the internal frame, and chrome expression is used for the plated part. By changing the molding color blue to a darker color, the presence was further strengthened.

■ Extra finish parts are introduced in various parts of the new armor, resulting in a more sophisticated design.



■ LED parts (yellow) x 1

■ Strike new armor parts × 1 set

■ Yale striker pack × 1 set

■ Sword striker pack × 1 set

■ Launcher striker pack × 1 set


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