[Pre-Order] SDCS Wing Gundam Zero EW

$14.99 CAD $16.99 CAD


Estimated Arrival: Dec 2019/Jan 2020


The "Wing Gundam Zero EW" has appeared from the SDCS series, which is focused on "color reproduction, detailing, movable"! 

■ We can reproduce characteristic posing in play for high movable specifications! 

■ We can reproduce twin buster rifle shooting pose with SD frame. 

■ By moving the arm and closing the wing, you can reproduce the atmosphere rush pose. 

■ The head has a pupil and chooses presence / absence by rearranging. 

■ The twin buster rifle which can be united and separated is attached. It can be held in both hands in a separated state. 

■ By linking it to the CS frame (sold separately), more detailed expressions are possible, and you can enjoy it with your favorite proportions. 



■ Twin buster rifle × 1 type 

■ Foil Sticker x 1

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