[Pre-Order] Toy Story - Woody

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Reach for the sky! *pew pew pew*

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ETA: Sep/Oct 2019


From the movie "Toy Story 4", "Cowboy Doll" Woody comes up! 


■ The face is finely divided and reproduced to the eyes and mouth. Facial expression change parts are three kinds of fulfillment! Color coding is reproduced by molding color, and change of eyes is also possible by touching from the back side. 

■ Best is multilayer structure. By color coding of parts, reproduce the cow pattern without the seal! 

■ More realistic by making buttons and sheriff badges into separate parts! 

■ The shirt's pattern is naturally shaded by a deep mold and expresses a plaid. The parting lines are inconspicuous and natural finish by matching the parting lines to the pattern of the shirt. 

■ Hand parts are attached to each of left and right, producing various poses. 

■ There are two types of stickers that can be attached to the soles. 



■ Face expression parts × 3 

■ Hand parts × 2 types left 3 types 

■ Display base × 1 


【Product details】

■ Molded parts × 5 

■ Foil seal × 1 

■ Instruction manual × 1

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