Bandai's new SD Gundam Cross Silhouette add's more details to their SD product line. With the option of adding a Cross Silhouette into the new SD products you can add more articulation. Each SD Gundam Cross Silhouette comes with an SD internal frame and a separate Cross Silhouette frame can be purchased to do the convert.

SD Gundam Cross Silhouette

[Pre-Order] [ETA Jun] SD Gundam Cross...

$18.99 CAD$22.99 CAD


$12.99 CAD

SDCS Frame Gray

$9.99 CAD

SDCS Frame White

$9.99 CAD

SDCS Freedom Gundam

$16.99 CAD

SDCS Crossbone Gundam X1

$12.99 CAD

SDCS Gundam Ground Type

$16.99 CAD

SDCS RX-78-2 Gundam + Cross Silhouette...

$22.99 CAD

SDCS Wing Gundam Zero EW

$16.99 CAD

SDBD #013 RX-Zeromaru

$29.99 CAD

SDCS Nightingale

$24.99 CAD

SD Gundam Cross Silhouette Frame [Red]...

$9.99 CAD

SDBD #026 RX-Zeromaru Shinki Kessho 1/144...

$27.99 CAD

SDCS Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex (Destroy...

$19.99 CAD

SDCS Gundam 00 Diver Ace

$16.99 CAD

[Pre-Order][ETA Sept] SDCS RX-78-2 & MS-06S...

$26.99 CAD$29.99 CAD

SDCS MS-06S Zaku II Char Exclusive...

$12.99 CAD

[Pre-Order] [ETA Aug] SDCS Phoenix Gundam...

$19.99 CAD$21.99 CAD