SW - B-Wing Starfighter 1/72

$69.99 CAD


"B wing star fighter" appearing in "Star Wars Episode 6 / Return of the Jedi" is three-dimensionalized. 

■ Complete the main rebel army of the original trilogy. 

■ Of two props made for shooting, commercialize B wing which features Hinomaru type marking. 

■ Reproduce the distinctive aircraft shape of cross shape with precise details. 

■ Reproduce the wing deployment and cockpit rotation gimmick. 

■ Cockpit hatch is a selection formula for only clear parts and frames. 

■ Inside the cockpit BANDAI SPIRITS "Star Wars" Ten Nam of the first plastic model in the history of the model is reproduced with new shaping! 

■ Laser effects are included. It can be attached to the tip of the wing in a vertically placed state. 

■ Reproduce the light emission of the rear engine with an optional LED unit. 



■ display base 1 × 

■ laser effect parts 1 × 

■ 2 or canopy (clear window with a window frame-only) 



■ moldings 6 × 

■ water transfer type decals 1 × 

■ marking seal 1 × 

■ Instruction manual × 1


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