SW - Luke Skywalker Stormtrooper

$42.99 CAD

■ Bandai Hobby Division Release "Star Wars" Plastic Model Series NEXT MOVE "Triaxial Jet Finish" 

■ The expression of human face by new technology and the precision of conventional plastic model blend! 

In 2018, the plastic model advances to a new stage 

■ What is Triaxial Jet Finish ... 

realized printing in three directions by jig control by developing special jigs. 

With the amazing new technology to recreate shadow feeling, surface feeling of the face, facial expression life feeling that could not be obtained by molding alone, with the quality different from the conventional inkjet print, the expression of the actor is stereoscopic and lively It reproduces. 

■ Develop and introduce new technology that surpasses figure painting technology so far! 

A new product that makes Luke Skywalker infiltrated to Death Star in "Star Wars Episode 4 / New Hope" in "Plastic Model"! 

■ Stormtrooper helmet parts are also included! 

■ Also comes with parts for height reproduction, height difference with Han solo can also be reproduced! 

■ The shape of the grappling hook attached to the back belt, which was used when Luke Skywalker jumped to the other side of the aisle holding the Princess Leia in the Death Star, also reproduced! 

■ Height approx 15cm 



■ Luke Skywalker Face Parts × 1 

■ Storm Trooper Helmet × 1 

■ Special Display Base × 1 

■ E-11 Blaster × 1 

■ DTL-19 Heavy · Blaster · Rifle × 1

■ SE-14r Short Range · Combat · Pistol × 1 

■ Hand Parts × 6 Type (Left and right weapon possession × 2 · Left and right hands × 2 · Right fist × 1 · Left pointed x 1) 


【Product content】

■ Molded item × 7 

■ Marking seal × 1 

■ Water transfer type decal × 1 

■ Instruction manual × 1

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