Entry: $15
  • 2 Campaign Parts
  • 1 Pla Plate
  • 1 Day Pass for Submission Day
  • 1 Raffle Ticket
  • 10% in-store coupon
  • 2 Decal Sheets per team
This contest is designed to be a team building event where each member will be assigned to a team. The team will have their own theme direction as well as main color. The actual color used, the way the paint is done or what style is used is up to the team to decide. The build should resemble the theme given for example, if you’re part of the ‘Navy’ team, your main color should be blue. The model should reflect on the given theme therefore aquatic or relatable items should be applied.
  • Teams of 5 models, 1 model per person
  • Team must follow given theme color and style
  • Team must work together to have similar style
  • Team should communicate to decide how to build their team and select their colors and paint scheme
  • Each model should look similar but unique
  • Each model should have unique identifier (number, color, etc.)
Team Prizes:
Everyone on the team will get the same prize(s)
  • First Place
  • Second Place
  • Third Place
Special Awards:
  • Best of Show – By popular vote
  • Rising Star – chosen by judges, awarded to one high achiever (beginner)
  • Strapped to the T – chosen by the judges, the model with the most weapons attached
  • Mr Popular – chosen by popular vote online (2 week duration)
  • TBD